Playing the Hay Day

The Hay Day game is the first game of its category which has become enormously popular to be played over mobile devices. The basic theme and goal of the game is to create the most profitable farm while the player of the game is selling or buying goods from other players. The core concept of thehayhack is very easy and mastering the game to higher level is very difficult. Even expert players are taking months to high up their levels. However, being player if you will set up your farm correctly then you will have to concentrate over the generation of income. You must react to interact with the players of the market to have a blast in the hay day game.

Installing the Game

The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms, therefore you can have it on both kinds of devices. Having an android phone, you can easily install the game from the Google Play Store but if you have an apple device then you have to download it from the iTunes.

Playing the Game

Being new to the game, you have to play it with the tutorial to perform better. During the tutorial you will be introduced with the scarecrow that will teach you the basics of the game. You have to read and follow the text bubbles and act accordingly. You must learn painting the house, naming the farms, and planting new crops. By this you will perform at best.

Planting the Crops

By the time you are done with the tutorial version, now you have to make three plots and then make your seeds to grow. You have to click over the plots and then select the seeds you want to grow e.g. wheat. Then you have to drag it over the empty plots to fill them with the seeds and now your farm is in working condition.

Get Livestock in your Farm

Now you can click on the animal pens and have red houses for them and choose the livestock you want as per your choices. You can drag the animals on to your animal pen and then purchase your animals. As the level of the game is getting higher, the choice of animals is also getting different. The different animals will give you choice to generate different coins. This is how you earn through the game.