Play Hay Day and be the owner of a farm

Hay Day has been one of the most popular games and has received much acclamation all over the world for the level of details with which the game has been defined. The game revolves around the harvesting of the crops, the clearing of the land, raising the livestock and the making of the goods that can be sold to the consumer and the local businesses for making sufficient amount of profit. So it can be understood that the playing of Hay Day will give the gamer the real feel of owning and managing a farm.

Improve the quality of the game with free diamonds

The primary feature of the game revolves around a range of activities like the laying of the land, tending to the crops, trading of the goods with the friends and the neighbors. This means that the gamer will certainly require sufficient amount of resources for carrying out these activities. The player can buy the free diamonds in the game with the help of the real money. The game is such that the player can buy dozens of diamonds by spending few dollars. But it is not advisable for the player to spend money upon buying diamonds.

Tips to get free diamonds in the game

The diamonds, on the other hand, are the primary sources of currency on Hay Day. This means that the player who has enough amount of diamonds will easily be able to develop the farm and upgrade the other facilities of the farm. The tips that can be used for acquiring the diamonds in the game can be listed down as follows:

The farmers in the game Hay Day receive one to three diamonds each time when a single level has been successfully completed.

The player also receives one to three diamonds for the each of the achievements that have been acquired by them.

The game also provides the facility of presenting the farmers with movie tickets that are free for watching a trailer of a video game or a Hollywood movie that has recently been launched or will be launched in the market. This watching of the videos will also result in the receiving of the diamonds by the farmers in the game.

The players should also keep a keen eye on the big mystery boxes that are red in color, or for a hay day hack android. These mystery boxes can generally be found in the farm. These mystery boxes might consist of prizes like diamonds. Sometimes the case might be such that the player has to pay a diamond for opening the mystery box, but most of the times the prize is worth the pay.

The player should be vigilant about the diamonds that might be wrapped in a bow and placed near the house.

Farming requires both money and experience

The game teaches the art of farming by reflecting the fact that the player needs to have both money and experience in order to carry out a successful firm. The coins and stars that appear at the bottom of the screen represent the money and experience acquired by the player respectively. So, grow your farm and be a happy farmer.