A beginner’s guide to the game of 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip

We all are beginners at something, for only then we know a new thing, learn and master it. You will have to be patient and learn the tricks of the trade before going to the market to purchase fish. Well, enough with the metaphors. Let us go ahead and guide you through the 8 Ball Pool game by Miniclip.

Go through the list thoroughly.

Tip #1

Don’t panic when the game is over and you are shocked that you have not even started it yet. Please note that the games of 8 Ball Pool have shot times and a total amount of time in which the game needs to be finished. This way, every game is quick and hasslefree.


Beginners begin with level one and can reach up to a maximum level of 150. For, after which the game does not provide any more levels. The last level, 150 is the highest of the Pro levels and offers a lot of advantages, you can only get to this is you use an 8 ball pool hack.

Tip #3

Every time a player levels up, the game provides the player with pool cash. This cash can be used to purchase rare cue sticks. Rare cue sticks have a lot of advantages over the regular sticks.

Tip #4

If you do not wish to play the game with random strangers then you can simply invite your friend over to play it with. This way, you can brush your skills and learn from your friends his tips and tricks too.

Tip #5

When you are breaking, make sure you power up the cue stick to the maximum. Only this way you can hit the rack and pot some balls that will determine your group of colors of balls.

Tip #6

Be careful if you make a successful shot. For, every successful shot will decrease the shot time lesser and lesser. Well, no one said the game was not exciting. Every success and failure just irks the excitement level.

Tip #7

Use the Spin feature to hit the balls in every shot. For, using the Spin feature helps a player to follow the cue ball by default. This way, the cue ball does not wander off or pot along with the balls and earn a foul. Therefore, use your Spin feature to stay on the safe side.

Well, that is a wrap, for the most important tips that a beginner requires to learn has been thoroughly explained. All you need to do is, learn them and play.