Clash Royale Poison Spell Cheat

What is the Poison Spell?

One of the most important spell cards in the Clash Royale world is the poison spell card. The nature of this spell is that it is a dark orange colored liquid contained inside a long and thin vial of liquids shaped as an oblong. This spell card creates a great damage spell that has a very large and wide radius of attack and incurs moderate level damage to the enemy. By using the poison card you can make a circular area where you can damage troops along with buildings over a very slow but gradual period of time.
This card doesn’t however come at a low cost, and it takes 4 elixir to use it up, which is similar to how it is in the Clash of Clans game as well. The poison card spell is one of the only two spell cards that causes direct damage to the enemy troops and towers. This is what makes the poison spell card so effective, because it can not only be used against troops, but buildings of all enemies as well.

How Can the Poison Spell be Used?

This poison spell card has numerous uses, with or without the use of Clash Royale cheats. Without learning how to get clash royale gems, it can bring many good additions to your gaming strategy. You can use this spell card to bring down the troops that are spawners, meaning that they spawn out from the buildings. By using this spell you can damage both the spawning troops and the buildings which they spawn out of altogether in one go, very effectively.
It can also be used effectively against the graveyard, and killing most everything in its radius. But even then, be careful in this instance with the poison spell because it can still have the skeletons damage your arena tower a little.

The Clash Royale Cheats for the Poison Spell

Clash Royale cheats for the poison spell require critical thinking. You have to use your poison spell card only when you see your towers being attacked by the enemy troops in big numbers. This is the one strategic situation where you can make the most use of this poison spell card cheat. By doing this you will also be helping your troops out a lot by giving them a hand and making it easier for them to take out the poisoned troops of the enemy.

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