Kyocera Echo Part of Sprint Announcement Monday Night? New Smartphone on the Block?

The Kyocera Echo could be Sprint’s announcement on Monday night. An expected Sprint announcement Monday could be about the Kyocera Echo, but it could be about something else as well. Rumors are all over the place on the internet right now, with those following the cell phone markets buzzing about the possible news that Sprint might have for consumers.
Sprint will be giving an industry-first announcement on Monday night, most likely including new phones that they will have hitting the market very soon. If one of them is the Kyocera Echo, that could be big news in the smartphone market, but it is unknown what the other ones might be. If it is the Kyocera Echo, this will be a dual-screen Android phone, one that could really pose a threat to any other smartphone on the market.

This is a huge moment for Sprint, as they will have the attention of the whole industry, and it could serve as a lot of free press for the company. This is all taking place at The Edison Ballroom in New York City, and they are even going to have Illusionist David Blaine on hand to perform some entertainment. Whether he is going to help make the phones appear is unknown, but it could be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Sprint already has a big announcement coming about its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that will go on the market later this year, so it could also be another part of their big product announcement on Monday night. If you want to visit the darker side of the possibilities here, Sprint might be talking about the increased fees that they will be charging now, but that would probably take the fun out of this event.


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